We offer you all-inclusive service all around your utility vehicle. Regardless of the brand and model, your truck, bus, van, caravan, trailer and semi-trailer will be in the best hands with our multifariously qualified technicians.

An overview of our services
  • Authorized servicing centre for Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Iveco
  • Repairs, maintenance and inspection of trucks, semi-trailers, vans, trailers and caravans of all known brands and models
  • Most sophisticated, computer-aided vehicle diagnostics
  • Accident damage repairs of every type
  • Servicing for vehicle electrical and electronics systems
  • Servicing, repairs and maintenance for air-conditioning and auxiliary heating systems
  • Gear train repairs
  • Implementation and acceptance of all statutory testing schedules at our DEKRA station
  • All statutory safety tests as per Para 29 road traffic licencing regulations
  • All tachometer services as per Para 57b of road traffic licencing regulations
  • Emission investigations as per Para 47a of road traffic licencing regulations
  • Brake efficiency testing on a brake test bay
  • Installation of phone and radio systems in utility vehicles
  • Installation of telematics systems
  • Tyre changing service
  • Spare parts service
  • Truck tarpaulin repairs
  • Axle and frame measuring systems
  • 24-hour emergency service and towing service
  • Utility vehicle leasing
  • Card payment (ec-Cash, VISA, Maestro, MasterCard)
24-hour SERVICE (emergency service)

We gladly respond to our customer requests for continual reachability by providing a 24-hour emergency service on 7 days of the week. Due to the proximity to important autobahn road network and federal roadways, we also offer our assistance in addition to our regular services.

0173 / 6240170

0173 / 6240171
(outside the office hours)

0800 / 1810300

0800 / 4832 6000 

(toll-free, depending on the phone network operator)

+39 011274 0866 

(charges levied)

Special Service
  • Professionally executed vehicle cleaning and maintenance by employing truck brush washing unit and high-pressure cleaners
  • Implementation and regulation of all Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Iveco related warranty and goodwill services within the framework of our servicing contracts
  • Original Volvo, Renault and Iveco spares and accessories
  • Tyre and windshield express service
  • Repairs and servicing for driver’s cabins and frames
  • Repairs for superstructures, board gates and hydraulic units
  • Leasing utility vehicles, semi-trailers and trailers